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from knowing to doing through five practice areas

Research | Analytics | Strategy | Organisation | People

Research & Analytics

What do you need to know? 

We answer questions with data, producing strategic insights that enable decision making. Our data driven approach ensures subjectivity is kept to a minimum and FACTS are a major component of our results.

  • Data analytics
  • Polling 
  • Surveys
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Market research
  • Customer analytics 


How will you become great?

We help you craft the best way to greatness, work with you to adjust course as the terrain changes, monitor your progress and bolster your efforts. We walk with you because we know that to go far you shouldn’t go alone. 

  • In depth macro and micro environment analysis 
  • Strategy design
  • Performance dashboard design
  • Post-Strategy design implementation support
  • Strategy Review 
  • Strategy socialisation with workforces


How do you need to be built?

The right plan with the wrong make up leads to inefficiencies and frustration. That’s why we do deep analysis and solution crafting around how best to structure, streamline, and strenghten your operating structures.

  • Value chain and business model analysis
  • Business processes
  • Organisation structure review and redesign 
  • Competency framework design 
  • Job evaluation and grading 
  • Performance management systems


Who do you need to be?

Everything boils down to how organisations are run and who is in them. A great culture changes everything. As the pre-eminent firm in assessing organisational culture, designing culture blueprints and supporting transformation we know that success is culture driven. Let’s build an agile workforce

  • Culture analysis and blueprint designs
  • Culture transformation 
  • Change management
  • Employee engagement measurement 
  • HR business partner development 
  • HR Metrics 
  • Talent pipeline designs

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